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Welcome to Sikasso!

In today’s blog, we will be learning about Djeneba’s town, Sikasso.

In the last post we talk about her country Mali, now we will be zooming in on the city of Sikasso. Sikasso is the southernmost region of Mali. Sikasso is located 233 miles southwest of Bamako and is a passageway between coastal countries and landlocked countries like Mali and Burkina Faso.

Sikasso is the capital of Sikasso Region and Sikasso Cercel. Sikasso is the second-largest city in Mali with 225,753 residents. As mentioned in the last post, Mali is one of the poorest countries in Africa and though Sikasso is not the poorest city in Mali, the poverty rate is still 61%. People make about $1.90 per day which is barely enough money for daily meals. Families cannot afford basic housing and have had to resort to living in shacks or thatched-roof homes. Djeneba does live in a thatched roof home, with her family. It looks like this.

Africa is primarily known for its hot and humid climates. In a year, Mali experiences extreme dry seasons and then followed by a wet season. Since Sikasso is more in the south of Mali, it experiences more balanced climates as well as more rain in the dry seasons. The summers consist of topical weather with warm temperatures that can rise up to 103 degrees Fahrenheit. The air is humid and sticky. Winters are on the cooler side, and the temperatures drop to the high 50’s. There is much more rain during the wet seasons, which allows the crops to grow.

There are different types of terrains when it comes to Sikasso. In the central area, there are lowland valleys, and in the east and west, there are flat-topped sandstone plateaus. Subsistence agriculture occupies a large portion of the land too.


Djeneba and her family have a lot to contend with. As we hope you can see with this brief introduction to Sikasso, Djeneba will benefit from our sponsorship.

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