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Meet our Sponsor Child, Djeneba

Updated: May 16, 2021

Hello! Welcome to Together Today, for Tomorrow's website! Please donate and share with friends and family so we can all work together for a better future. Here is our first sponsor child Djeneba. She is 7 years old, lives in Mali, and was born on May 31st, 2013. Please remember to write kind, friendly letter to her and some other of the children we sponsor!

Djeneba writes to us:


"My name is Djeneba. It's great to meet you! I live in a thatched roof home in Sikasso. At home I speak Bamanankan with my family."

She wonders what languages we speak. Make sure to include that in the personalized letter you can write! Djeneba says that a typical day in her life includes playing with friends and when she has free time, she enjoys hopscotch.

Djeneba continues to write, "I dream of being a teacher when I grow up. When you write to me ask me why! My family says I'm a bright kid. I can't wait to get to know you better."

Djeneba lives in Sikasso, where chronic malnutrition affects over 30% of the children. During the harvest season, children are absent from school because they are supposed to assist their families in fetching water each morning and caring for their siblings.

Donate to help these children lead better, healthier lives!

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